Avicella Wines

Nature is an integral part of each of our wines, being in the essence of each flavor, aroma, color and authenticity.

Obtained from one of the best varieties of national grapes, this wine expresses the whole character of the grape variety. Aromatic, complex and persistent, convey us pleasure from the first to the last moment! We use grapes native to our region that were introduced centuries ago by different people.

José Borges built the wine cellar and produced his first wine, a small quantity, but with a promising quality that would take him, years later, to present his wines to some of the most demanding consumers in the world.

The choice of the name "Avicella" for our wines brings us back to the past of this land, once occupied by the roman nobility and entitled Queen of the Spa of Portugal. Vizela is synonymous with conquest, tradition, family, flavors, and wines of excellence! A passion that is transmitted from generation to generation.

Nature is fully integrated in each of our wines, in the essence of each flavour, aroma, colour and authenticity...

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